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Passing the Pumps in the 2015 Honda Accord Hybrid

There are a lot of hybrid vehicles on the road these days and, if you're making the leap to the greener side of the fence, it may be a bit overwhelming with the sheer number of choices you now have. However, we have a suggestion for you that we think will narrow down the list really quickly: the 2015 Honda Accord Hybrid. Boasting incredible fuel efficiency numbers that'll make you double-take, as well as a thrilling ride and 196 combined horsepower, every ride will be as fun as it is money-saving. Check out the video below for more…

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Fox Honda sells first natural-gas car sold in Kent County

The possibility of creating and mass-producing a car that doesn't run on traditional gasoline or diesel is a dream that many engineers and scientists have had for decades. Now, the future of alternative fuels in automobiles, such as electricity, hydrogen or natural gas, is much closer than it appears, as the first-ever compressed natural gas (CNG) car is sold in Kent County.

It cost just $14.48 to fill the 2012 Honda Civic Natural…

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Explore Earth Dreams Technology with New Honda Website

Clean Air Legislation, dating way back to the 1960s and '70s, has been a major motivator for many automakers to improve fuel-efficiency and examine the environmental impact vehicles are wont to have.

However, no automaker is more devoted to this cause than Japanese brand, Honda, who has been conducting long-standing research into clean diesels, pure electrics, hydrogen fuel cell power and even the improvement of existing technology such as hybrids with further-reduced CO2 emissions…

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Honda Zero Waste to Landfill

Honda has announced that it has achieved one of the most important targets in the company's longstanding "Green Factory" initiative in North America: zero-waste-to-landfill. Ten of 14 Honda manufacturing plants in North America are now operating with zero waste to landfill, while the remaining four plants are functioning with "virtually zero" waste to landfill...

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