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Honda North America President, ALS, and the Ice Bucket Challenge

There are a lot of reasons we love our favorite Japanese automaker but recently they've given us one more to add to the list: Honda North America President and CEO Takuji Yamada and EVP of Auto Sales John Mendel have both accepted the ice bucket challenge to raise awareness for and donate to the ALS Association. Those who participate dump buckets of ice water over their heads to spread the word about ALS - also…

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Just Like Rudolph, We've Come to Love the Civic's Nose

Remember when people made fun of Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer? They made fun of his red nose, if you don't recall. They thought it was silly, they laughed at it and told him he was different. They did the same with the 2014 Honda Civic. They made fun of its downward nose and said its grille wouldn't do.

But just as Rudolph proved himself and was easily accepted, so did the 2014…

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Check out the Honda CR-V During this Summer Sale

There's never a wrong time to swing by our Grand Rapids, MI dealership to check out the new 2014 Honda CR-V, but you may never find a better deal on the compact SUV than right now. Take a look at this funny commercial that shows the perils of driving an old, beat-up car.

The air-conditioning unit in the new CR-V is one of many functions that will work great and represent a fresh start…

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Catch a Glimpse of the Honda Civic Type R Concept

Honda's new "R-Rated" commercial is not what you're probably thinking. In this case, R doesn't indicate something unfit for children; it stands for the Honda Civic Type R concept.

This model isn't going to be ready for the road for another year, but commercials for it have already appeared in the UK. This one shows a bunch of odd and exciting images that fit in well with the car's odd?

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Yoga or Baseball in the Honda Pilot

Planning a nice relaxing day of yoga by yourself? Not so fast, since the Little League team bus broke down. With the 2015 Honda Pilot, you'll be able to squeeze in the entire infield - and mascot! - and still be able to make it to yoga after the game. Check out this commercial for the 2014 edition of the Pilot and then visit us here at our Grand Rapids, MI dealership to learn more.


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Perfect Parallel Parking Wanted for the Honda Fit Challenge

If you've been considering adding a new Honda to your family, it may be worth it to show off your parallel parking skills first.

Honda's exciting new contest, the Honda Fit Challenge, is an event that will take place July 25 in L.A. where elite parallel parking skills could increase participants' chances of winning a 2015 model year Honda Fit. The event, hosted by German comedian Flula, is one we at Fox…

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See how This Honda Civic Helps its Driver get Around

There probably aren't too many 105-year-old drivers cruising around, but Edythe Kirchmaier is still in great health, as you'll see here in this commercial for the all-new 2014 Honda Civic. In fact, the centenarian is as tech-savvy as anyone, as the oldest active Facebook user who takes full advantage of the Civic's techy features. Take a look at Edythe's story right here.

We here at our Grand Rapids, MI dealership are…

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Honda Civic Type R Concept to Debut Next Month

Honda is teasing its loyal fans of the Civic.

In a recent announcement, Honda said that its Civic Type R Concept will be front and center at next month's Geneva Motor Show.

In advance of the big reveal, Honda released a teaser sketch of the stunning new car. The two-door hatchback sports a futuristic design that recalls something out of a Star Trek movie.

If the final result looks anything like the rendered image?

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