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The cold weather is starting to creep in and now is the time to make an appointment at the Fox Honda service center to address some seasonal maintenance items that your car should receive before the snow starts to fly. Lets take a look at some of the things we may want to service at a seasonal maintenance appointment:

Oil Change

This needs to be done periodically anyway, so with the cold weather approaching let's make sure that your engine is receiving the best treatment it can get. If you neglect getting your oil changed, your vehicle's performance will quickly decline, forcing you to have to get a major repair. 


If you haven't had a tire rotation lately, or ever, now is a good time. This can promote even wear on your tires but also ensure that you will have a good grip on the road when it becomes a bit icy. We can also set you up with tires made specifically for the winter, maximizing the control that you can have. 


Our Dealership can help with your needs

We encourage you to visit Fox Honda so that we can get your vehicle ready for whatever winter throws at you. Our team will take the time to answer all your questions and will make sure you are confident that your vehicle can handle the winter.

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