You should always keep something in your car to save yourself in an emergency. Most people would think of a first aid kit, perhaps some water, possibly food, and certain tools to fix a vehicle in the event it gets stuck, or – even worse – quits working.

You should always keep kitty litter with you on the road. Kitty litter isn’t that expensive, and is great at getting your tires to hold traction towards. If you find yourself in a situation where your tires won’t gain traction, sprinkle kitty litter under the tires, then try to spin your tires again. You should find yourself gaining traction and on the road in no time.

If your driveway is iced over, ditch the kitty litter and try salt or sand. Sand can even be used to gain traction when in a ditch. If you don’t know what to place in your vehicle for an emergency – call us, Fox Honda.
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