At Fox Honda, we don’t want to just get you into the Honda car, truck, SUV, or minivan of your dreams. We also want you to select the auto financing plan or lease that suits your unique budget concerns and lifestyle. Many Michigan drivers that tend to stay ahead of trends and pursue automotive innovations tend to go with a Honda lease. And really, what is better than that captivating new car smell? If you are interested in switching out your transportation frequently, stop by the Finance Center at Fox Honda to discuss our Honda lease plans that might work with your budget!

When you decide to pursue a Honda lease, you get to enjoy the benefits of driving a brand new Honda SUV, truck, car, or minivan without the extra hassle of searching for a buyer for your vehicle before upgrading to a new model. You may also be able to enjoy lower monthly payments from leasing over a traditional auto financing plan, and your vehicle will be covered through the warranty plan for the duration of your lease. However, you will not build ownership equity when you lease, and you will need to be vigilant to ensure you do not rack up excess mileage fees at the conclusion of your Honda leasing period.

The Honda finance experts at Fox Honda are eager to help you weigh your automotive options, whether you ultimately decide to lease, buy, or finance a new Honda vehicle. Visit our Finance Center at your leisure to discuss your options and find your dream Honda for sale in Grand Rapids, MI!

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