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The holidays are approaching, many people plan on traveling trips with either family or friends. Ensuring the food safety along the road can be messy and terrible. Here are some of the ways from Fox Honda at the Grand Rapids, on how you can transport food safely on the road.
• Get the right cooler: Food coolers are of different sizes, shapes, and cost. The proper refrigerator is the one that has a bottom drain for releasing water from the melted ice. Also, the right cooler should contain a lid gasket, for the airtight seal which traps cold air inside.

• Purchase fresh food: When buying food items such as vegetables and fruits, ensure they are fresh. It is advisable to buy them from your local market on the day you are leaving. Fresh foods can last for long.

• Pack logically: You should take your time to pack food properly, to ensure the lid does not stay open for a long time. Pack the food that will be consumed first at the top and the one to be eaten last at the bottom of the cooler.

Think about the above tips, when planning to drive with food. You will find it comfortable and enjoyable to transport food safely.
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