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When driving at night, you become conscious of the fact that your car’s headlights are an essential feature. When you don’t have access to adequate lighting, you become less visible to other drivers and you risk leaving your intended path or striking an obstacle with your vehicle. You are not stuck to your manufacturer’s headlight system, and the Fox Honda service team is here to give you options for dealing with this situation.

Find the right bulb for your car. You need to consider the fact that your car was designed to suit a specific range of bulbs. Consider adopting bulbs compatible with your vehicle’s headlight system. You also have the option to modify your vehicle’s wiring. You need to ensure that the wiring on your car’s lamps is suitable for operating new lamps to avoid beam inconveniences. Older vehicles especially may benefit from a restoration of the headlamp lenses. If your car has had over four years on the road, consider finding other plastic headlight lenses for the lamps.

Make an appointment at Fox Honda to have our technicians check and install the necessary equipment for a brighter holiday season!

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