Summer can take its toll on your vehicle, but all too often drivers forget to perform some simple maintenance and service checks to make sure you can beat the heat and enjoy your summer in Grand Rapids.

Here's a quick list of a few simple maintenance checks you should have done to keep your Honda running like it should all summer long.

  • Check your oil levels
  • Have your battery tested to ensure its fully charged
  • Have your coolant checked
  • Have your air conditioning system checked
  • Rotate and if necessary, change your tires

Just like with winter, summer poses its own challenges on your vehicle. Whether you're a weekend warrior in your 2018 Honda Pilot, or taking your 2018 Honda Ridgeline to the water with your boat, or maybe just enjoying the air conditioning in your 2018 Honda Accord, we have the expert technicians to keep your vehicle running like it should.

Looking to upgrade your vehicle in the Grand Rapids area? Look no further than the inventories of new and used vehicles right here at Fox Honda. You can browse online to find your affordable and high-quality match that you need, right from your own home. Our team is ready to help through the whole process, so come by and see us!

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