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Don’t let your vehicle’s brakes sideline you. One symptom that indicates a problem is in the function of the brake pedal. If you’ve noticed that it doesn’t have the same resistance it once did, you should have it inspected. A spongy or soft pedal suggests that the brake fluid is either blocked or leaking at some point within the system. There could be one of several situations causing the pedal to give more than it should.

One of them is air in the brake lines. When a bubble forms within the lines, it blocks the fluid’s ability to pass. Bleeding the lines usually takes care of the situation. A leak in the lines, caliper, or pads, however, will require an assessment and repair based on the individual situation. Leaks are not uncommon, especially in older vehicles. Parts wear and rust with time.

If you are in Grand Rapids, stop in to Fox Honda and speak with a knowledgeable member of our service team. We are here to assist you with brakes or any other aspect of your vehicle’s maintenance.

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