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Keep the Tank Full

Keeping your gas tank full is pretty important for a few good reasons. If you let your tank get low, you will have a tank full of air and air is just not good for your car. Air contains condensation and if that condensation makes its way to your fuel lines and freezes you'll have a car that will refuse to start since the gas can't reach the engine.

Since you probably don't want that just keep your gas tank topped up as much as possible. Keeping your gas tank full is probably one of the easiest…
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How Staying Safe During Winter Driving Is Possible with Kitty Litter

You should always keep something in your car to save yourself in an emergency. Most people would think of a first aid kit, perhaps some water, possibly food, and certain tools to fix a vehicle in the event it gets stuck, or – even worse – quits working.

You should always keep kitty litter with you on the road. Kitty litter isn’t that expensive, and is great at getting your tires to hold traction towards. If you find yourself in a situation where your tires won’t gain traction, sprinkle kitty litter under the tires, then try to spin your tires…
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See How Honda and the Little League® World Series Are Connected

Little League® World Series does a lot for the community, and Honda has a sponsorship with them. Honda helps in celebrating the remarkable Home Team that consists of many amazing people. It includes the parents, as well as the helpful community members that contribute to making it all come to light. Also, there is a Honda Grant Program that you can check out. The program offers many assisting services. For example, some elements include repairs for leagues that are located throughout the nation, replacing equipment, as well as improving the fields that get utilized...

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Utilize the Interior Space that the 2017 Honda HR-V Can Offer

For a comfortable mode of transportation that can provide you with multiple storage configurations, the 2017 Honda HR-V may be a wise choice. What does this vehicle offer in regards to comfort and space? Well, when it comes to storage, there are a variety of different ways that you can get those belongings of yours to fit seamlessly into your SUV. There is an available amenity called the 2nd-Row Magic Seat®, where you will be able to fold rear seats down or up to configure your ideal storage setting...

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Relish in the Comfort Amenities that Get Offered with the Stunning 2017 Honda Pilot

Have you thought about cruising around Grand Rapids, MI, in a spacious and convenient SUV? If you have, let’s explore the 2017 Honda Pilot and what it can offer you. Even if you are taking a short distanced road trip, you may want to still be able to get access to comfort features easily. If you are driving on a hot summer day, wouldn’t it be convenient to adjust the temperature to make all those inside of the vehicle comfortable? With the available Tri-Zone Automatic Climate Control that the 2017 Honda Pilot offers, you, as well as others…

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The Importance of Tire Rotation

Rotation is as important for your tires as an oil change is for your engine. Too much stress put on one part of the vehicle will cause tires to wear out faster than usual. A tire rotation is a smart procedure that people do to buy themselves additional time on a set of tires.
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Your Car's Battery: The Unsung Hero

Your car's battery may essentially be the unsung hero of your car! Think about it, the battery of your vehicle is responsible for a lot. Sure, it's got a little bit of help from the alternator, but without having somewhere to store all that energy, your car wouldn't have a leg to stand on (so to speak). Many folks are simply misguided or don't think about it. Getting your battery tested however is a fairly simple procedure that many people don’t get done regularly until a malfunction occurs with their vehicle’s battery...

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What Should You Do? Repair or Replace Your Windshield

There are a few factors that determine on whether or not your windshield can get repaired. The size of the actual chip or crack on the windshield, the type of crack or chip, location of the crack or chip, and the depth of the crack or chip. Once these factors get taken into consideration, then the decision to either repair or replace can get made.

Some of The Types of Cracks or Chips:



Partial Bulls-Eye


Crack Chip...

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